Contractual Outsourcing of HR/IR Functions :-

  • Human Resource professionals now a days have many duties other than recruiting talent for their organization which results in a huge slow down in the process of recruitment.
  • We assist such clients by providing this service where in one of our recruiters will make his presence available at the client’s premises and recruit talent exclusively for that specific client.
  • We assist our clients in Designing of HR Policies, Administrative Policies, Legal Policies and Guidelines etc.
  • Provides practical advice about how HR can help in managing the risks of disruption, whether due to fire, terrorism, flu epidemic or some other cause.
  • This leaflet aims to highlight some ways by which organisations can access and develop a broader talent pool.
  • Provides guidance on issues carers may face at work
  • Storing this information in an electronic database allows you to analyze it more easily when working on recruitment strategies, progression planning and affirmative action programs.
  • This data is analyzed by the HR department to identify ways to improve workplace conditions, safety training classes and disciplinary processes to ensure compliance with all federal and state labor laws.